A curated collection of works from DesignLab debuted in the NeoCon 2023 Haworth showroom. These emerging artists and designers are challenging expectations and setting new standards for where work is done. Haworth DesignLab includes shelving, an outdoor collection, a daybed, a lounge and a rug installation from 5 designers and artists. Patricia Urquiola, her studio and the Haworth design team have curated and mentored these digital, graphic, art, sculpture and product design concepts.

The DesignLab artists and their work:

Maximiliano Rosiles, Mexico City, Mexico
Split – 1 fragmented shelving – A collaboration between Maximiliano Rosiles, Haworth Design Studio, Studio Urquiola and Tek-Knit resulted in an innovative aesthetic knit solution that deconstructs the form of a traditional shelf into something more unconventional and expressive. The form was reconstructed with materials and shapes that contradict each other, like metal and textiles, to create a mix of curved and sharp forms.

Brian Wooden, Nashville, Tennessee
Inter-Dimension rug installation – The artist translates and simplifies the cartoon language used in his typical designs by playing with the two-dimensional canvas and pulling illustrative elements into the three-dimensional space as if they were spilling in from another world. Similarity in lines and shapes on the rug tapestry and ottoman lead you to wonder where the two-dimensional plane ends and the three-dimensional planes begin, creating a sort of “2.5 dimensional space.”

Chrissy Fehan from Pophouse, Detroit, Michigan
Phil Lounge – Over-scaled in shape, Phil Lounge offers a hug-like embrace that invites you to sit, curl up and pet the chair. Inspiration comes from the hours Fehan worked from home, snuggled up with her pup, Phil. This piece was designed to playfully release stress by mimicking the soft feel of petting an animal, known to lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Bradley Bowers, New Orleans, Louisiana
Polaris outdoor collection – Everyday culture and technology are advancing the possibilities of what things can “be,” and the artist aims to transform those advancements into accessible and useful objects. Polaris is the result of exploring how complex geometry can be adapted into viable everyday objects through the curvature of magnetic field-lines as its guiding aesthetic and structural principle.

Eny Lee Parker, New York, New York
Cloud Daybed – By capturing the essence and shape of a cloud, the daybed is a playful piece reminding us of our need for respite. Its carefully sculpted properties provide the perfect prone position, a slight head support and raised feet for maximum comfort. The intention is to promote an environment of softness – allowing for a safe and cozy moment to escape and dream.

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