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At CIS, we leverage our talent, our experience, and our partnerships to help facilitate the creation of a space that evokes innovation and encourages collaboration.

You’ve Got the Vision. We’ve Got What It Takes To Carry It Out

As your partner, our team can deliver the ideas, solutions, and services to maximize your space, as well as the infrastructure and capacity to ensure a project’s successful completion on-time and within budget. We seek to elevate the customer experience and foster long-term relationships, and because of the longevity of our employees who work together and understand the goal of doing it right the first time – we are able to truly work as a team on behalf of our clients.

Phase one

The CIS Experience

At CIS, our experience allows us to not only understand what is necessary in a functional design, but our relationships allow us to source everything you need to bring it to life. Sophisticated furnishings? We’ve got partnerships with the best manufacturers. Intelligent configurations? We can help ensure the space is equipped with necessary power sources, wiring, and lighting. We also work to help ensure that everything you need arrives promptly and is seamlessly moved into the space. From our first meeting to the final walk-through, we will closely partner with you to provide what you truly need to create a modern workspace that is empowering, exciting, and fully functional.



We always begin with a deep discovery process to understand your business and your goals

From the start, we are focused on learning everything we can about your space and project. We will:

  • Identify your goals and needs
  • Understand your budget and schedule
  • Align with the project architect design firm, contractor, engineers, and other involved disciplines
  • Review documents and all related data prepared by others for the project

Technical Design

With your needs in mind, we will design a space that meets your unique needs—and budget

Once we have a deep understanding of your needs, the design process can begin. We will:

  • Map out your needs with user groups and design firms
  • Research product solutions
  • Prepare and present budgets, typical drawings, floor plans, and ancillary options
  • Discuss your financing options

Project Management & Installation

We handle the entire project for you, from procuring the furniture to managing logistics and installation

While the other aspects of your project are taking place, we will be working to ensure the entire process goes smoothly. We will:

  • Review all drawings
  • Manage and coordinate installation
  • Review access to project
  • Create project schedule
  • Verify furniture specifications
  • Perform a punch list walk-through with you and/or your representative(s)

After Sales Service

We will be there for you after project completion to maintain your investment

We will stay in touch to ensure your new space remains functional and protected for years to come. We will:

  • Maintain factory warranties
  • Train you and your team on product use
  • Manage moves, adds, and changes
  • Handle reconfigurations
  • Provide new solutions and education

Work From Home

As companies continue to have part of their workforce working from home, CIS is here to help. We have worked with our partner, SitOnIt, to support your team’s furniture needs in their home office. SitOnIt has an E-commerce option delivered directly to your home. Follow this link to get the special rate.

After a major disruption that affects work and life, getting back to the office requires an intentional strategy to assure employees feel they are safe and can remain healthy in their environment. Successful transitions take a holistic approach, addressing health and wellbeing from a physical, mental, social and emotional perspective. Easing your employees back to the workplace is critical to giving them confidence in their work environment. Whether coming back to the office or working from home, keep your employees comfortable and productive wherever they work with the basic necessities that would create an ergonomic home office environment.


Sound Masking

Sound masking should deliver speech privacy and comfort within the designed environment to allow collaborative and individual work spaces to co-exist. Individuals will produce their best work in a non-stressful, comfortable environment and without proper acoustics this environment is unattainable.

  • Improves comfort and collaboration in the work space
  • Create a uniform field of sound that ensures temporal and spatial uniformity
  • Gently raises the background sound level
  • Covers, or masks, unwanted office noise
  • Noise from overheard speech becomes less intelligible

AV Consulting

CIS partners with Audio Visual specialists to guide you to the best solution for your space and team.

  • Discover your AV needs
  • Design a custom solution for you
  • Pre-installation
  • Installation
  • Programming
  • Certification
  • Training
  • On-Going Service

Storage Solutions

We build customized furniture and/or storage solutions through modular millwork that fit various spaces and function as you desire.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Identify improvement opportunities
  • Prepare shop drawings and renderings to help visualize the final result
  • Create concepts
  • Prototype and test application
  • Coordinate logistics of delivery and install


CIS partners can help you create an effective wayfinding plan while designing a sign program that complements your environment.

  • Environmental Graphics
  • Wayfinding
  • Map Design
  • Vital Signs
  • Info Boards
  • Exterior Signage
  • Digital Signage


Trusted by leading Arizona companies

Over the decades, we’ve had the honor of supporting our clients’ evolution through continuous research, new product solutions, and product warranty management over the lifespan of their investment.

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“I recognize the value their level of service and professionalism brings to each project. As well, I know CIS has a team who cares about their customers and the workplace environments they are creating.”