CIS Celebrates 39 Years in Business

This year, 2024, marks 39 years of Corporate Interior Systems! Corporate Interior Systems (CIS) stands as a beacon of success and resilience in the business landscape. Founded and led by Lisa K. Johnson, CIS has not only weathered the challenges of nearly four decades but has thrived, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

As a woman-owned company, CIS has shattered stereotypes and exemplified the power of diversity in leadership. The commitment, innovation, and dedication of the women leaders behind this company have not only shaped its history but have set a precedent for future generations of aspiring entrepreneurs.

As we embark on the journey into its next 39 years, we could not be more excited for what’s to come. Fueled by a passion for excellence and guided by the visionary leadership of inspiring women, we are thrilled to continue pushing boundaries, contributing to the evolution of workspaces, fostering community engagement, and delivering unparalleled solutions to our clients. With the same spirit of determination that has characterized our journey thus far, we look forward to writing the next chapter of success for CIS, and we can’t thank you enough for your continued support! Here’s to CIS, a testament to the strength, vision, and success that woman-owned businesses can achieve over nearly four decades!