Product Spotlight | April 2024

Tori Barstool – Paul Brayton Designs

Moving away from the desk to the bar with the team calls for an ally that elevates your space. Designed to create balance, Tori is a contemporary barstool for work and leisure.  Click here to learn more.

Oko – Stylex

Oko is an elegant lounge chair inspired by the curves of a cocoon. The pillowy seat and backrest invite you to sink in, while a rigid back panel supports the shape and doubles as a decorative element. Click here to learn more.

Laris LoungeArcadia

Beautifully crafted, Laris embodies what a comfy lounge chair should be. Generous arm rests, softly radiused edges and lush cushions are among its defining characteristics for a settle-in-and-stay-awhile experience. Click here to learn more.