Retreat in the Office with these Idea Starters

#1: Sofas with attached screens offer visual and acoustical privacy. Lounge furnishings provide a consistent aesthetic through the same leg style on sofas and tables. Playful, freestanding screens add acoustical properties, wayfinding, whimsy, and a surface you can stick pins onto.

#2: A cozy atmosphere with a whimsical, relaxing armchair and comfortable modular sofa. Pendant lighting offers the only source of light for the area and helps make the space feel inclusive. Accessories such as pillows and an audio lantern offer a residential touch and convey that the space is there for a break from routine. A personal laptop table is incorporated to support work when needed.

#3: This retreat space is intended for restorative activities. The room’s design elements, from the color tones to lighting options to interior walls and furniture selection, create intimate settings for informal conversations, quiet reading, and focus work.

#4: This destination space for quiet, focused work among small teams or for individuals accommodates private conversations or individual restorative activities. Table and pendant lighting are aptly placed for the variety of activities.