Set your coworking space apart with pods and booths

Coworking hubs are popping up everywhere. What can owners and operators do to set themselves apart from increasing competition? Since noise and privacy are top concerns for most members, investing in acoustic booths is part of a smart strategy.

The market for flexible space has grown at an annual rate of 23% since 2010. Experts predict that by 2030, coworking spaces will in fact make up 30% of the office space market! Today, there are more than 6,000 of them — an incredible increase from just 14 spaces in 2014. Gensler’s data also shows that employees who co-work have higher effectiveness and experience scores across the board. Half of this cohort report that their income has grown since they began coworking. And nearly half say their quality of work and collaboration with teammates has gotten better. Similarly, 45% report better mental health as well.

A coworking space is made remarkable by building connections between members without harming the focused work of others. This requires a keen balance of social zones and quiet ones. Indeed, 64% of co-workers claim they have made valuable connections in their space.

The main challenges for coworking spaces involve noise and privacy. As with any work environment, well-engineered acoustics are needed to engender a peaceful, productive atmosphere with adequate speech privacy where appropriate. Acoustic, sound-insulated work pods will likely become key investments for many operators and owners. Discover the Hushoffice line of pods.

This article was originally posted on Hushoffice.com