Sun-kissed rugs: GAN Outdoor collections


The combination of personality, comfort, and texture that rugs add to a space is not limited to the seasons. Thanks to indoor/outdoor fabrics and materials, innovative modular and reconfigurable formats, and a careful selection of color palettes, you can now enjoy GAN Outdoor collections in open-air spaces.

GAN’s catalogue showcases their rugs and textile accessories as the perfect complements to any summery space:


Light and breathable rugs keep your feet cool during hot summer days. The DIAMOND collection by Charlotte Lancelot for GAN, with its indoor/outdoor rugs, adapts naturally to these conditions.

Made of 100% recycled PET using the ancestral kilim technique, the DIAMOND rugs are inspired by the shape of the multi-faceted diamond and superimpose a color palette in six declinations -from blue and green to earthy tones, passing through orange, red and yellow. The result offers fascinating sets of transparencies and gradients that show that beauty and sustainability, at GAN, always go hand in hand.


Through artisanal techniques and with the help of top designers, GAN is committed to the use of materials which are resistant and easily recycled, such as rPET, to create oases for rest, outdoors. A clear example of this is the SALINE collection, by Made Studio; produced responsibly with consideration for our environment, it is the result of an unwavering commitment to durability.

Outdoor furniture and decorative elements must be resistant to inclement weather such as sun, rain, and wind. They must also withstand the wear and tear produced by regular use and contact with moisture and dirt. SALINE rugs are designed for this, protecting floors from harmful UV rays and preventing them from fading or deteriorating. Moreover, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for use in outdoor areas that might attract more dirt. The SALINE collection uses 100% recycled PET cords as warp and weft in a technical feat that uses this material to achieve optimal tension and resistance, and creates a delicate look, albeit with a touch of dynamism. In this way, the designs of the SALINE collection are 100% circular and make the most of the certified rPET’s properties, such as its excellent weather resistance, making it a sustainable and resistant option to use outdoors.


Rugs can be used to add a touch of summery style to any space, with patterns, colors, and designs that evoke the vibrancy of this season. The CITRUS collection, by industrial designer Jorge Garaje for GAN OUTDOOR, is a clear example of how these elements can be a key piece of fresh and energetic decor.

This collection of “vitaminized” kilims is comprised of three models, each one with a different design inspired by three members of the citrus family: oranges, limes, and lemons. They are made from 100% recycled PET fibers sourced in India, where all of GAN’s collections are handmade. The diagonal grid that surrounds them evokes the traditional mesh which they are presented in at the market. Their durable material and acidic, cheerful color palette in different shades of orange, green and yellow make them ideal for terraces, solariums, and patios, as well as for children’s rooms, indoors spaces, and dynamic workspaces which would embrace the color. Its juicy creativity and vitamin colors make CITRUS a refreshing choice when combined with greys, wood, and earthy tones.


Comfort is a highly valued quality in any season, but especially during the summer months. There is nothing like a comfortable surface to walk barefoot on after a day at the beach or by the pool. The designs of MANGAS OUTDOOR is an example of this, as they merge with nature combining aesthetics, functionality and well-being in pieces that provide a unique experience to enjoy outdoors.

The rugs, poufs and other pieces from the new collection by Patricia Urquiola, designed for the GAN OUTDOOR line with resistant and durable materials such as 100% recycled braided PET fibers, are especially designed for use outdoors without having to sacrifice the warmth and comfort typical of indoor environments. Its soft and pleasant tread makes walking on them pleasurable and relaxing. In addition, while the MANGAS OUTDOOR rugs stand out due to their rich textures, the generous dimensions of the modules and their undersides – filled with quick-drying foam in varying densities – allow for the creation of set-ups such as a chaise lounge, modular sofa or even a daybed.


Versatility, in terms of outdoor rugs and textile spaces, depends on their ability to adapt and function efficiently in a wide variety of outdoor environments and conditions. Durability, resistance, safety, and easy integration into any decorative style are the ingredients of a winning formula.

Like all of GAN and GAN OUTDOOR‘s space collections, GARDEN LAYERS is synonymous with versatility, multiplying the possibilities of creating environments with designs of unique aesthetics and compositional flexibility in a variety of environments. This series by Patricia Urquiola, with its wide range of rugs, mattresses, tables, daybeds, rolls, and cushions, is capable of fulfilling multiple functions and becoming the center of attention in patios, terraces, porches, gardens… without sacrificing its functionality and style.

With the objective of re-emphasizing the value of craftsmanship through innovation, GAN designs, and especially the GAN OUTDOOR line, provide a unique mix of comfort, functionality, and contemporary aesthetics that enhances the summer experience in any space, whether indoors or outdoors.

This article was originally posted on gan-rugs.com