4 New Colors for the 111 Navy Chair

Emeco introduces four new colors for the 111 Navy collection. First introduced in 2010, the 111 Navy Chair® was developed together with Coca-Cola and is the world’s first structural object made from recycled plastic bottles (rPET). By upcycling the bottles into a strong, classic chair, they are kept out of the waste stream for a long time. What’s more, the material is 100% recyclable without loss of strength. Every year, the 111 Navy collection helps keep millions of bottles out of landfills and oceans. The colors of the original collection were selected to be timeless and, over a decade later, have proved to stand the test of time. They are now joined by four fresh, yet timeless, colors; Bordeuax, Cypress Green, Dark Blue, and Light Blue . All are approved for outdoor use. All are made in the USA. The 111 Navy family consists of chairs, stools, and a mini chair. All of them areBifma certified for use in high-traffic settings, from hospitality projects to higher education and workplaces.


Wasteful turned into hopeful. In 2006, Coca-Cola andEmeco teamed up to solve an environmental problem –keeping waste plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans. It took four years and many work hours to upcycle the soft recycled PET into a structurally sound, timeless chair, but it was time well spent. Since its launch in 2010, the111 Navy Chair® keeps millions of bottles from the landfill every year. The opposite of disposable. Unlike traditional recycling, up-cycling turns what was once waste into something of greater value. Plastic bottles can only be recycled a limited number of times. By turning the bottles into an iconic chair that is built to last, they are kept out of the waste stream for a very long time. Each 111 Navy Chair® is made from at least 111 recycled plastic bottles. Towards a circular future.Over the last decade, we have continued to develop recycled PET material to make it even stronger. Moreover, we are now able to recycle the material 100% without loss of strength, which means we can turn old chairs into new chairs, over and over. With a circular, closed-loop system as our ultimate goal, we are working towards completely eliminating the idea of ’end of life’ of a chair. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Re-imagine