BuzziSpace Items to Create the Perfect Outdoor Workspace

For those looking to connect with nature while clearing up emails or navigating through a report, an outdoor workspace could be the perfect solution for you. It can also benefit the environment to have outdoor workspaces as it conserves energy and lowers your company’s environmental footprint.

Being surrounded by nature has also been proven to increase happiness, productivity, and creativity at work, on top of showing significant benefits to our health and well-being. Most importantly, working outdoors can enhance employee engagement and improve employee retention.

As many workers today look for more nature-based integration, below are a few ideas on how to create your perfect outdoor workspace that also encourages concentration.

BuzziNordic ST900 Range

To enjoy the fresh weather, create a comfortable outdoor workspace with BuzziNordic ST931 Daybed. This elegant, Scandinavian-inspired item is crafted from Cumaru hardwood to withstand outdoor environments.

Mix and match BuzziNordic ST931 Daybed with BuzziNordic ST911 and BuzziNordic ST911 Ottoman to create your perfect zen space. Looking to upgrade your meeting spot? The BuzziNordic ST900 trio works perfectly together to form a joyful area to gather and work.


Designed with fresh air in mind, BuzziBreeze is pushing the boundaries of what a workspace should be today. Perfect for creating an outdoor collaborative space, or a place to unwind, BuzziBreeze is a versatile outdoor system that can configure to your needs.

The upgraded farm table can also be incorporated indoors and is offered up in a variety of sizing and lengths. Or add BuzziBreeze to your BuzziShed to create the ultimate outdoor work environment.


Looking to add an outdoor working space to your existing office, or to create an entirely new location to reconnect with nature? BuzziShed is an easy and effective alternative.

One of the biggest issues in working outdoors with your laptop is the glare. BuzziShed protects you from the sun and rain, making it a perfect option for an outdoor working area.

BuzziShed can also be used as a garden shed, or a breezy place to hold informal meetings and team hangouts.