CIS Announces the Acquisition of digg by The Berg Group 

Offering Arizona an all-encompassing internal and external integrated construction solution, Corporate Interior Systems is pleased to announce that The Berg Group has acquired digg. 

The Berg Group, a 53-year-old specialty contractor based in the upper Midwest and Phoenix, has acquired digg, the interior construction division of Corporate Interior Systems (CIS). 

“CIS is excited to announce this acquisition with a strategic alliance to transition future DIRTT opportunities and projects to The Berg Group from digg,” stated Lisa Johnson, President and CEO of Corporate Interior Systems. Over the past nine years, digg/CIS has been a part of the significant growth and adoption of DIRTT prefabricated construction in Arizona and is grateful for the opportunities and relationships that have resulted from this partnership. As prefab demand continues to accelerate, it is apparent that to meet the needs in Arizona, an all-encompassing general contractor is critical to successfully implement DIRTT solutions as an integrated partner. Johnson further stated, “As this acquisition progresses, we look forward to continuing to work with The Berg Group and their clients on any furniture-related needs.” 

“We are excited to move forward in partnership with Corporate Interior Systems|digg and DIRTT to serve the Arizona construction market,” said Ron Johnson, CEO of the Berg Group. “We have been working with clients from our Phoenix location since 2008 and this transition will allow our clients the benefits of developing projects through the convergence of traditional, offsite prefab and engineered modular construction solutions to create environments to meet their current and future needs.” 

CIS will continue to work with The Berg Group to make sure all existing clients are taken care of for the next year. digg/CIS will be completing currently contracted projects, some in collaboration with The Berg Group, through the end of 2022 and remain a resource to ensure client confidence beyond this. CIS will continue its 37-year legacy to serve the community as the preferred Haworth furniture dealership in Arizona. 

About The Berg Group – The Berg Group is a 53-year-old specialty contractor based in the upper Midwest and Phoenix. Berg’s integrated solutions focus on pre-construction services, interior and exterior framing, and finishes.
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About digg – digg (Design-Integrate-Go-Grow), the former interior construction division of CIS, uses DIRTT software and manufacturing to design and fabricate interior construction.