The primary responsibility of a Designer is to provide technical design support for furniture budgets, space plans, product solutions, specification and pricing for projects generated by Sales/Sales Coordinators. 


Gathers Programming Information 

  • Meets with Sales/Sales Coordinators to review scope of work, budgets and other qualifying information 
  • If required, visit site for additional information and participates in client meetings 
  • Ensures field measurements are done (PM or Sales will be assigned) 
  • Participates in product evaluations and presentations as requested or required 
  • Develops timeline with Sales 

Generates Typicals for Budgeting, Participates in Product Evaluation, and Selection 

  • Generates typical drawings and specifications 
  • Collaborates with Sales to provide value engineering and/or upgrade options as requested 
  • Blends non-Haworth product specifications from Sales/AS into drawings 
  • Obtains contract #/discounting from Sales, applies discounts to Project Spec

Provides Collateral Materials, Assists with Bid or Proposal Responses 

  • Provides requested presentation materials (3D drawings and renderings) 
  • Provides required bid and proposal responses (proposal drawings and specifications) 

Design, Development of Furniture Floorplan, Specifications and Finish Form for Approvals 

  • Generates furniture floorplan from approved typicals 
  • Presents floorplans to customer for approval sign-off or gives to Sales to present 
  • Generates Project Spec Worksheet specifications, applies discounting 
  • Create power/data plans for furniture only – provide to client 
  • Provides RFQ for Installation and Final Layout Drawings, Follows Spec Check Process 
  • Prepares pre-install drawings, specs and initiates the D&I request (if PM is not assigned) 
  • Conducts self-spec check of plan and specifications 

Exports SIF Files and uploads information for Core Proposals 

  • Exports Project Spec SIF file and all other documents into Core 
  • Inserts Delivery and Installation (if no PM is involved) 

Generates Installation Drawings and Assists with Punchlist Specifications 

  • Generates installation drawings no later than 2 weeks prior to installation 
  • Assists PM, Sales and PC as required with generating punch specifications 
  • Invited to Punch walk through – attend if time allows 

Provides Design Fee and Maintains Timesheets 

  • Calculates Technical Design hours for projects and assists with generating Design Contracts 
  • Maintains accurate time records in the Core system 

Adheres to Design Standards and Company Policies 

  • Follows standards established for saving and naming files, drawings, specifying and other policies and standards in the Design Department 
  • Follows CIS company policies and procedures and Design Process 
  • Adhere to Core Values 

Apply via LinkedIn | Send resume to [email protected]